When I began this journey into the world of essential oils, I simply went to my local health food store or my local Whole Foods and purchased the brand that they carried. I did not really notice any difference between the brands that they carried at Whole Foods or the brands from the local health food store. I was happy with these brands until I began to apply essential oils onto my skin. Then I began to research more information about the quality of the oils that I was using and whether there was a difference in how effective the oils were. To be perfectly honest I cannot say that I really noticed a huge difference in brands of oils, until I started using the essential oils for my headaches. Granted, up until this time, I was basically only using essential oils to make my home smell fresher.

I have had headaches off and on quite a bit and in my research, I was told peppermint oil was very effective for headaches. I used several different brands of peppermint oil that I currently had in my home and while they helped my headaches, the effect did not last very long. 30 to 60 minutes after my head started to feel better, the headache would gradually come back.

One day, while out with a friend, I felt a bad headache coming on. I said to my friend that I had forgotten my essential oils and I had a headache. She said she had some peppermint oil and gave me some to use. Later that day, I realized the oil she gave me had taken my headache away and it had not returned. I asked her what brand of essential oil she was using and she said she was using Young Living essential oils.

Now, I had heard of Young Living when I first learned about essential oils but I was turned off by the fact they market their oils through multi level marketing (MLM). I had never even sampled their oils because I did not want to join the crazy but I was sorely tempted to do so after seeing how well the peppermint oil worked on my headache.

A few weeks later I was with a family member and, once again, had a headache. She had some Young Living “Deep Relief” and I used it on my headache and, once again, it went away and did not return. So, I was like, okay, I am going to have to check this out.

A few days later, I received a bottle of Young Living “Thieves Oil” for a gift. This oil is AMAZING! I had tried a “knock off” of this oil and was not really impressed but this stuff smells wonderful and has a lot of uses for your health and home. I have already used the first bottle I received as a gift and it has only been a few weeks. This is the quickest that I have ever gone thru a bottle of essential oil. I am definitely sold on Young Living essential oils. Now, I understand that not everyone can afford the cost of their oils but when it comes to putting oils in or on my body I want the best brand I can afford and if I have to cut corners somewhere else, I will do it with the oils I diffuse for fragrance purposes, for adding to my laundry detergent or other places where the oils do not necessarily come in direct contact with my skin.

Young Living has many oils under $20 a bottle and they also have a monthly club you can join and earn credits toward future purchases. If you would like to purchase Young Living Oils or become an Independent Distributor for Young Living, you can find out more information by visiting the Young Living web site (external link).

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