Welcome to our series on Essential Oils!

One of the first things we learned about Essential Oils (EOs) is you need to dilute them with a base oil – better known as a “carrier oil” (CO). Most of the EOs are too strong to put directly on your skin without a CO because it can cause the EO to “burn” or irritate your skin. Even if you think you can use the oils undiluted, it is not recommended! You can develop an allergy to an EO the first time you use it “neat”. It is not worth the risk and in the long run, diluting your oils will save you money because you will use less oil with each application. When used properly, EOs are just as effective diluted.

I personally prefer to use organic, cold pressed oils as a CO whenever possible. My favorites are: Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil. You can technically use any oils used for cooking. Pretty much, any nut or seed oil will work.

You can also use your favorite unscented lotion as a “carrier” by adding your EOs to it. You can also use unscented Castile Soap as a “carrier” and use your EOs in your bath or shower.

Pick up your favorite EO and a CO and you are good to go! Start your EO journey today!

Essential Oils
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Let us know what your favorite EO and CO is in the comments!

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