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The Promenade Nice France

Our Europe Vacation: Nice, France

The decision was made! My husband and I, along with our Niece, were going to vacation in Europe. The only question was, “what cities are we going to visit?” The list of choices seemed to

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Fried Bacon

Stay Waistline-Friendly During the Holidays

Eating healthy during the holidays: The struggle is real! This time of the year, we constantly fight the temptation of unhealthy treats like cookies, fudge, pie, sweet-potato casserole and an assortment of breads (just to name

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Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cheesecake

Recipe: Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cheesecake

I shared this picture on Instagram and received numerous requests for the recipe, so … here it is! It does take some time to make but well worth it. Enjoy! Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cheesecake Serves: 8

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