Spanish Black Radish is a supplement used to address a number of health issues but let me warn you, it does not smell very good. I was prescribed this by my health practitioner for a head-cold but the list of health benefits from taking this supplement is a pretty long. I cannot talk about the entire list but I do want to share just a few highlights with you in this post. Here we go …

Spanish Black Radish supports the bodies’ natural detoxification process and encourages healthy digestion. It supports healthy liver and gallbladder function, is a source of Vitamin C, absorbs excess cholesterol from your blood vessels and is a source of Magnesium. It supports the immune system, helps reduce cough and cold symptoms and can even slow down hair loss. Wow, that is quite a list! I have only taken this as a health supplement for a head cold but you can also add Spanish Black Radish as a food to your diet.

There are a number of other health benefits packed into this little bottle but I simply do not have time to cover all of them here. If you are having a health issue, you might consider doing some research to see if adding Spanish Black Radish to your daily regiment or to your diet can help you.

As always, we are not health practitioners and we do not claim to be doctors of any sort. We are simply on a journey to a healthier lifestyle and looking for alternative, natural products to use in place of pharmaceuticals. We always want to avoid the long list of negative side-effects typically associated with prescription drugs. We also want you to be armed with as much information as possible so you can make informed decisions about your health. If we can save you time and energy by sharing our experiences and our journey with you, then we consider it a good day!

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