Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was such a thing as a natural substance that would safely lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure and act as an anti-inflammatory to relieve pain?

Enter “Serrapeptase”! It is great for any kind of inflammation in the body. It is a particularly potent digestive enzyme when it comes to dissolving arterial plaque. Serrapeptase dissolves dead tissues like fibroids, cysts, plaque in the arteries, blood clots and scar tissue while not affecting live tissues. It is an alternative to other pain control options that may have adverse effects on the liver, kidney and other organs.

Reports have been made that Serrapeptase is an enzyme that relieves joint pain and back pain. Those who have used it regularly report that Serrapeptase lowered their blood pressure and high cholesterol and they were able to discontinue their use of prescription meds. It has been reported that it is useful for any condition that involves pain and inflammation, including varicose veins, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, sinusitis, osteoporosis and arthritis. I don’t have room in this post to list all of the many reported benefits but I just wanted to highlight this amazing enzyme and bring awareness to people in need of the help it can bring.

I have been hearing a lot about this enzyme and I have recently added this to my daily regiment. I am a firm believer in taking your health into your own hands because no one is going to care more about your health than you! I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and was immediately told by my primary care doctor I needed to take a cholesterol-lowering medication. I also see a nutritionist that specializes in natural methods of dealing with health issues and he recommended I change my diet and look at taking some supplements. He recommended the Keto diet because it is the most like the way we were made to eat. 200 years ago, processed foods were non-existent and the sugar supply was limited. It has only been since the onset of high amount of carbs in our diet that we have started having so many health issues in our society. While the Keto diet may raise your bad cholesterol slightly, it will also greatly improve your good cholesterol. My nutritionist explained it is the total cholesterol that you need to look at and the body needs cholesterol to function properly; especially the brain. Many prescription cholesterol medications block all cholesterol from the body; even the good cholesterol that your body needs to be healthy.

The list of side-effects alone from taking Statins (the type of medications used to lower Cholesterol) was enough to send me running for an alternative option. The biggest issue that concerns me is the link to Alzheimers disease and Statins. I currently have a Mother-in-Law in the final stage of Alzheimers disease and she was on Statins for over 20 years. I am not saying this is the sole cause of her condition but if you read the studies, it makes a lot of sense. I am not asking you to take my word for it as I am not a medical professional. What I am asking is that you educate yourself and do some research so that you can make informed and educated decisions about your health. Popping an OTC pill or taking a prescription medication for every ache and issue is not always the best option for you or your body. Many health issues can be completely resolved with natural means and without the side-effects that come with a prescription drug.

A lot of controversy exists about what number is considered a high number for cholesterol. The medical community has consistently lowered the number over the last 20-25 years to make sure they keep selling cholesterol-lowering medications. The number used to be 250, then 200, then 150 and so on. Of course, the lower the threshold, the more doctors will write prescriptions for a Statin drug. Personally, I prefer the natural alternative over a prescription medicine.

Check out these links for some information on high cholesterol:

Make sure that you take Serrapeptase on an empty stomach; usually first thing in the morning. Do not consume any food for at least a half an hour after taking it and if you don’t take it first thing in the morning, make sure that it has been at least two hours since you have eaten. I also found in my research that they recommend you start with a small dose of 40,000 or 80,000 units. The good news is, the lower dose may take a little longer to work but it works the same with less shock to the body than the higher doses.

Have you tried this amazing enzyme? Do you have a success story to share with our readers? Please share your Serrapeptase experience with us! I personally am taking the Doctors Best brand with 40,000 units per dose. I am not in any way affiliated with this company; it simply had the highest ratings and was the recommended brand in my research.

Thanks again for reading and hopefully this helps you on your journey to better health and a happier life!

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