Product Review: Fisher's Finery Silk Pillowcase

I was reading about the silk pillowcase craze and the benefits to both your skin and your hair. Now, it is my belief most people do not like waking up in the morning with “pillow face” (myself included) so I decided to order a silk pillow case and give it a try. After a bit of research, I decided to order one from Fishery’s Finery – a brand with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Fishers finery silk pillowcase

I have been using it for the last month and I have to say, the first morning I was completely amazed to wake up and not have any lines or creases on my face. I thought perhaps it was just a fluke but morning after morning, I have the same result. No more pillow-face! This alone has sold me on the product but in addition, it is super comfortable and soft to sleep on. I have not seen any noticeable difference in my hair but I am ok with that. My face not having lines on it in the morning is enough for me.

Fishers finery silk pillowcase

So what, exactly, is “pillow face”? We have all experienced it ourselves and we have all witnessed it on others but what causes it? According to my research, the reason you have pillow face (at least partially) is because cotton absorbs moisture. When you sleep on a cotton pillow case, it is literally pulling the moisture out of your skin and drying out your face. Conversely, silk does not absorb moisture so it does not dry out your skin. This makes me think I might need to invest in some silk sheets as well!

Fishers finery silk pillowcase

I am definitely a fan of this product. Just so you know, a silk pillowcase from Fisher’s Finery is not cheap but it is so worth it!

Here is a link to the Good Housekeeping article.

Have you tried a silk pillowcase? Tell us about it in the comments!

Fishers finery silk pillowcase
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