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GLG reserves the right to post, share or otherwise make public any and all incoming correspondence, including communications we receive through Social Media channels.

GLG has affiliations with several companies in the Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) category and links to some of these companies are provided on our Site. Where such an affiliation exists, we strive to note it prominently on or near the page where the affiliate link exists, however, site visitors should be aware some links may not contain a disclosure.

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At its sole discretion, GLG will disable, block access and/or delete the account(s) of any Site visitor(s) who posts vulgar, inflammatory, inappropriate or inaccurate information on the Site. GLG personnel and/or its Site Admin will determine what is and what is not appropriate. All determinations are final and will not be given a second review (i.e., a user cannot appeal a decision or request to have access reinstated). In the event of illegal behavior, GLG will cooperate with law-enforcement agencies.

If a Site subscriber wishes to delete their account and terminate their participation on the Site, they can do so by submitting a written request through the Site Contact form. Prior to account termination, GLG will confirm the account deletion via email and the subscriber must confirm the account deletion by responding with an affirmative answer. The return email MUST COME FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS ASSOCIATED WITH THE USER’S ACCOUNT. Responses from a third-party email account or email “alias” will not be considered valid and the account will remain active. GLG will also validate that the email did not originate from a “spoofed” email address prior to deleting the account. Deleted accounts are permanently deleted and cannot be restored from a backup. In addition, any Site Content associated with an account that is deleted will also be removed. By making a delete request, the requestor acknowledges their Site content will also be purged. Any person whose account has been deleted is welcome to create a new account on the Site.

GLG reserves the right to change the focus of the Site, terminate its existence entirely, switch platforms, monetize it through advertising or move it to a Paid Platform. All reserved right actions will be at the discretion of GLG.

All questions and media inquiries should be submitted in writing through the Contact Form on the Site. Under normal circumstances, we will respond to inquiries within five (5) business days.

This document and its contents may be updated, with or without notice, at the sole discretion of GLG. The most up to date version of this document can be found on the Site.


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