Prague, Czech Republic

Our Europe Vacation: Prague, Czech Republic

This post is the fourth in a 6-part series where I want to share the knowledge, experience and insight I acquired while planning and executing this trip. If you missed them, you can read Parts 1, 2 and 3 by clicking on the links below.

Prague, Czech Republic

Where We Stayed

Manesova # 5 Apartments

Mánesova 5 Prague, Czech Republic

This was an apartment building; not a hotel, so there was no lobby or doorman. We arranged before-hand to get an entry code and there was a mailbox in the hallway for us to get the apartment keys. The process of booking online, getting the entry code and getting our keys was smooth. There were no issues! The apartment we booked was very lovely. It had a full kitchen (not that we planned on cooking), two bathrooms (which was nice, considering you do not get two bathrooms with a standard hotel room) and an extra large bedroom. It was clean and fully stocked with everything we needed during our stay. The apartment was within walking distance of Old Town, many restaurants and places to shop. We booked the Apartment De Luxe, One-Bedroom apartment.

Mánesova 5 Bedroom Prague, Czech Republic

Where We Ate

We were fortunate that a co-worker of my husband is a long-time resident of Prague and we were able to meet up with him. He was gracious and took us out for dinner that first night to a local place, Kolkovna (Olympia) and we were able to try a few local dishes.

What We Ordered

Garlic Toast Kolkovna (Olympia) Prague, Czech Republic
Garlic Toast
Kolkovna (Olympia) Prague, Czech Republic
Marinated Camembert-style Cheese: Mild soft-ripened cheese marinated in garlic, chili peppers and wild spices
Wild Board with Potatoes Kolkovna (Olympia) Prague, Czech Republic
Wild Boar with Potatoes
Svíčková Kolkovna (Olympia) Prague, Czech Republic
Svíčková: Pot Roasted Beef in a cream-vegetable sauce; served with bread dumplings and Carlsbad dumplings

We stopped in at the Bakeshop. This was a lovely little place.

The Bakeshop Prague Czech Republic
The Bakeshop

What We Ordered

The Bakeshop Prague Czech Republic
Croissant Cokoladovy (chocolate) and Americano

We also ordered an Omelette but sorry, no picture . . .

The last night in town we dined at Svateho Vaclava

What We Ordered

Roasted Beef Rib Svateho Vaclava Prague Czech Republic
Beef Rib roasted with beer; served with potato-spinach purée
Fried Cheese Svateho Vaclava Prague Czech Republic
Fried Cheese (fried breaded Edam cheese)

We also ordered Farm-raised Chicken stuffed with Salsiccia, Chips and Mulled Wine.

A must-try while in the Czech Republic is a Trdelník. This is a sweet treat and you can find them all over town. So, whenever the mood strikes, you should be able to find a Trdelník nearby.

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

What We Did

We walked past a local Starbucks on our route from the apartment to Old Town. Of course, we stopped here for coffee multiple times during our journey.

Starbucks Coffee Prague Czech Republic
This Starbucks is located in Wenceslas Square
Prague, Czech Republic

We walked all around Old Town and in Mala Strana (also called Lesser Town); taking in all of the charm and history this city had to offer.

Prague Czech Republic

Along our path, we stopped at the Charles Bridge; Prague’s oldest existing bridge. The history and the beauty of it is worth the crowds.

Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic

In Old Town, you enter the Charles Bridge by walking through the Old Town Bridge Tower.

Old Town Bridge Tower Prague Czech Republic
Old Town Bridge Tower

You exit the Charles Bridge through the Lesser Town Bridge Tower.

Lesser Town Bridge Tower Prague Czech Republic
Lesser Town Bridge Tower

We made a stop at the Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock and toured around. We went up into the tower and had some great views of the city.

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague Czech Republic

Below is the view of Old Town Square (founded in the 12th century) from the tower. The picture does not do it justice!

Old Town Square Prague Czech Republic
Old Town Square
Prague Czech Republic

Also on the Old Town Square is the Church of our Lady Before Týn. It is one of the most impressive Gothic buildings in Prague.

Church of our Lady Before Týn Prague Czech Republic
Church of our Lady Before Týn

We also stopped at the Jan Hus Monument.

Jan Hus Monument Prague Czech Republic
Jan Hus Monument

Kinský Palace, a former palace, is now an art museum located on Old Town Square.

Kinský Palace Prague Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic
Dum U Minuty (At the Minute)

We walked by the Powder Tower. This is how the coronation processions of Czech kings entered Old Town.

Prague, Czech Republic

We also saw the Jerusalem Synagogue.

Prague, Czech Republic

We walked through the stunning Wallenstein Gardens. This is in Mala Strana (Lesser Town).

Wallenstein Gardens Prague Czech Republic

. . . where you can see the Statue of Hercules . . .

Hercules Statue Prague Czech Republic

. . . as well as a number of other statues and peacocks.

Prague Czech Republic

Also in Lesser Town is the St. Nicholas Church.

St. Nicholas Church Prague Czech Republic

We must not forget to let you know about the best Triple Chocolate Covered Almonds ever! We went to Prague Chocolate and they were so good and we ate them so fast, I do not have a picture (sorry). We also tried their ruby chocolate. If you find yourself in Prague, this place is a must-do!

Prague Chcolate Prague Czech Republic

If you are into steel, then you must make a stop at the Gallery of Steel.

Gallery of Steel Prague Czech Republic

We did not get to enjoy an opera on this trip but we did watch as the copper roof on the National Theatre lit up in the sunset. It was an amazing sight to see and again, the picture does not do it justice. Some things, you just have to see for yourself.

National Theatre Prague Czech Republic
National Theatre Prague Czech Republic

The shopping in Prague was not too bad. You could get a lot for your dollar. I purchased a few ornaments (one in Bohemian crystal and another in polished ceramic) for the Christmas tree to take home with me.

Last, but certainly not least, we stopped at the John Lennon Wall.

John Lennon Wall Prague Czech Republic

How We Traveled

We arrived by way of a day train from Vienna

Train Station Prague Czech Republic

. . . and we left by plane.

Prague, Czech Republic

Our Take-Aways


We arrived in Prague via a day train from Vienna. It only took a few of hours to travel from Vienna to Prague and it was a wonderful way to travel (certainly more time-efficient than a plane). Once in the city, you immediately felt the richness of the culture surrounding you. I loved Old Town but we did not spend enough time there. The Trdelník dessert was fabulous and we should have had more of it. Another must is a stop in at the Prague Chocolate store. The apartment where we stayed was exceptional and I would highly recommend it. Overall, it felt like home and I would go back in a heartbeat. Prague is a beautiful city with tons of history and culture. I loved it!

Jim Melissa Breanna Prague Czech Republic

My Husband

Prague was another city high up on my “must visit” list. The company I work for has an office in Prague and the people I talk to on a regular basis make it sound like it is “heaven on earth”. Well, perhaps that is a slight exaggeration but Prague has such a rich culture and history, it requires a lot of time to see and do everything it has to offer. For us, we had about a 1.5 days so we did not even scratch the surface! What we did do, however, was wet our appetite for another trip. The food was exceptional, the people were nice and friendly and our accommodations were more than acceptable. Just like our previous stops, we needed more time, which only means we will need to go back!

My Niece

After a train ride and an early arrival into the Prague train station, we set out to find our hotel. The train station was beautiful and the area surrounding it was a nice walk. Prague is stunningly gorgeous and to me, magical. The Charles Bridge, while quite busy and hectic, does not disappoint. The cool sculptures and views it provides are not comparable. I loved every minute in this city and would go back again. From walking through Old Town, trying the fantastic food, dessert and shopping, Prague has found a special place in my heart. I highly recommend trying the Trdelník (this sweet dessert is everywhere) and this alone is worth the trip!

Prague Czech Republic

Come along with us on our next stop: London, England!

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