I LOVE Essential Oils (EOs)! I have tried many different brands and many different oil blends. My favorite brand is Young Living (see our post about Young Living Essential Oils) because they offer quality products. In this post, I am going to share with you my top seven “go-to” essential oils.

  1. Thieves Oil
    This oil is amazing! I love the smell and the fact that thieves oil kills 99% of airborne germs. I diffuse this oil in my home on a regular basis; especially during cold and flu season. I also put this oil mixed with a carrier oil on the bottom my feet every morning to help prevent exposure to airborne viruses.

  2. Eucalyptus Oil
    This is probably my most used essential oil. We diffuse this during cold and flu season in our bedrooms and put it on the bottoms of our feet at night to reduce coughing and help with breathing.

  3. Lavender Oil
    This is my favorite oil for diffusing at night for better sleep. I also keep this oil by the kitchen sink for burns. If you get burned and put this oil on immediately, it helps heal the burn quickly without scarring. It is amazing! I also sprinkle this oil on my wool dryer balls to help my linens smell fresh!

  4. Lemon Oil
    I mix lemon oil with olive oil and use on my wood furniture for a wood polish. I use lemon oil in my water each morning to help with digestion. I use lemon oil to get stickers off of picture frames or mirrors.

  5. Deep Relief
    I use this oil for headaches. It works great for pain relief. I also have knee problems and when the pain gets bad, I put the deep relief on my knees.

  6. Stress Away
    I love this for the middle of the work day. I put it on my wrists and on the back of my neck. I love the smell of this oil and you can just feel the tightness in your muscles loosen up.

  7. Peppermint Oil
    Peppermint oil is great for a pick me up when you are feeling lethargic or have that midday lag. I just diffuse peppermint oil or place on a tissue where I can smell it and I start to feel more awake! I also place this on the outside of my stomach when I have a stomach ache or indigestion. This oil also works great for suppressing a cough. Just mix it with a carrier oil and rub on the outside of your throat and chest.
Young Living Essential Oils

There are many options for buying EOs and it can be very confusing; especially when you first start out. Hopefully this information helps give some guidance on everyday uses for EOs.

Do you have any questions about EOs? We would be happy to answer them for you. Just Contact Us or ask your question in the comments.

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