Once again, we want to visit the organizing kits we introduced last year. This is such a wonderful time-saver for us so we wanted to share it this with you again.

Have you ever searched for hours (and in vain) for something you know you have somewhere but are not sure exactly what junk drawer or storage spot you stuck it in? Have you ever went to the store to purchase an item that you know you already have somewhere but cannot find – only only to discover later you actually have three or four of the items? Yeah … us too!

This is our answer to all those necessary little items — like band-aids, batteries and buttons that do not have a home. We started by purchasing the storage boxes (which you can purchase at Walmart, Target or Home Goods) and then divide the boxes by category; such as Office Supplies, Tool Box, Sewing Kit or First Aid Kit.

Organizing Kits 2018 sewing
Organizing Kits 2018 First Aid

The image below is an example of how to put all your knitting supplies in one spot and with the added bonus of a handle which makes it super-easy to carry from one area of the house to another. It also gives you the ability to stack these kits on top of one another for easy storage. I personally keep all of my boxes together so that all my storage kits are easily accessible.

Organizing Kits 2018 Knitting

Less time searching for things and not having to run to the store when I cannot find something has saved me time and money! Who knew that taking a little bit of time to organize my junk drawers into plastic containers would be so great? I am now addicted! I started with a first-aid kit and I have used it so much, I have continued to add to these kits and to find new ways in which to use them. We have added a KNITTING BOX, a CHRISTMAS BOX and a JUNK BOX. We are currently working on a TRAVEL BOX, a PET BOX and an ARTS & CRAFTS BOX.

Try these out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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