Oregano – Oil of Oregano (Wild Mediterranean P73)

Oil of oregano is a must for your arsenal against colds, flus and viruses. It can be effective for many different health conditions. Oil of oregano can kill certain viruses, bacteria, and even candida and other micro organisms. Oil of oregano acts as an natural antibiotic, especially the type known as the P73 wild oregano blend. The p73 stands for polyphenol 73 percent and is a specific blend of several high-grade, medicinal, wild oreganos.

P73 oregano is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals. It contains chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, boron, potassium, copper, vitamin C, beta-carotene and manganese. It has higher antioxidant capabilities than any other herb studied to date.

I personally use the oil of wild oregano “oreganol” super strength Mediterranean source p73. It can be ordered at amazon. 

It can be added to salt water to use as a gargle for a sore throat. It can be bought in a liquid form and a few drops added to your toothbrush to help kill the germs that cause bad breath and tooth decay. It can be used topically for rashes, eczema and other skin conditions. It has been found helpful to combat diarrhea, digestive problems, earaches and even candida overgrowth. Studies show it can help prevent cancer and it can help the cancer cells be more responsive to chemotherapy, if you already have cancer. 

As always, we are not medical doctors and you should always contact your doctor before introducing new vitamins and herbs to be sure that the new kid on the block does not interfere with any medicines that you are currently taking. 

Have you tried oil of oregano? Please share your success stories with us! Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday season.

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