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We have discussed natural deodorants before and how you need to avoid anti-antiperspirants (because they contain Aluminum), however, this post is not about the pros and cons of using anti-antiperspirants versus deodorants; it is simply about the struggles of going the natural deodorant way.

When I stopped using anti-antiperspirants and started using natural deodorants, a few things happened. First, my underarms became red and irritated; like I had a bad case of razor-burn or rug- burn. Second, a lot of the deodorants I tried did not keep me dry or fresh-smelling and a number of them were very hard. It was like I was trying to scrape dried grout or concrete from under my arms. Neither of these things were very pleasant.

Native Deodorant

I was committed to using a natural deodorant but I have to be honest, I was very frustrated. I knew I needed to try something different to improve the condition of my underarms. It was just skin, after all, so there had to be something I could do. I use a facial mist for my face and I thought perhaps using it on my underarms would help. It did help to improve the redness and irritation and also helped the application of the natural deodorant. The facial mist acted like a lubricant so that applying the deodorant was not so harsh and abrasive.

Native Deodorant

When it comes to natural deodorants, you have a lot of options and as with most things, some work better than others. In our journey, we have settled upon (for now) using the Native brand deodorant. We are very pleased with how it holds up and how even at the end of our long day, our armpits are still fresh-smelling. With the aid of a facial mist spray, the application of our deodorant is smooth and easy.

I hope this information is as helpful to you as it is to us.

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