Kinesiology (Muscle Response Testing) is a technique in alternative medicine claimed to be able to diagnose illness or choose treatment by testing muscles for strength and weakness.

My journey into the world of Kinesiology began with an episode at work. Like many people, I sit in front of a computer monitor all day. My eyes were getting tired and my vision was blurry – like I was looking through a drop of water. I thought I would give my eyes a rest so went to get a snack. When I got up, I got extremely dizzy. I could not get the dizziness or the blurred vision to subside. I ended up calling my husband to come get me and take me to the emergency room!

This began a journey I could not have imagined in my worst nightmare. The ER doctors told me I had vertigo and needed to see an ENT. The ENT referred me to a Neurologist. The Neurologist decided I probably had MS and was put through a series of tests – including an MRI to rule out MS. I was shuttled to specialist after specialist with no answers. Everything from MS (which runs in my family so they were sure that is what I had) to vertigo, to bad eyesight, to a brain tumor, to an inner-ear problem, to an auto-immune condition were all ruled out. The end result was, they told me to go home and wait for my symptoms to get worse and eventually, they would be able to diagnose the problem. In the meantime, I could take anti-dizziness (which did nothing) and anti-anxiety medications. I could not convince anybody I was not in the least bit anxious until my body started to go AWOL – and nobody could tell me WHY!

In the process of all of this, I lost my job because I was not able to work. When my short-term disability ran out, the long term disability would not kick in without a diagnosis. So, I had no job, no health insurance and was racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills.

My symptoms continued to get worse. The blurry vision would come and go but the dizziness was relentless. Some days it was so bad, I could not even get out of bed. I was nauseous, could not eat without throwing up and in the course of 2 months, I lost 42 pounds! I started having trouble sleeping and tried every sleep-aid on the market. The best I could do was a couple of hours before waking up again.

… and then the “buzzing” started …

I began to have a buzzing all over my body. It felt like a low-voltage current going all through me. I literally felt like I was dying!

I do not want to drag this story out but I spent hundreds of hours on the Internet trying to find out what was wrong with me. Unfortunately, nothing I found helped. If this post helps one person, the time and energy I put into it will be worth it.

My brother finally recommended I see his Chiropractor who specialized in Kinesiology. I had never heard of this before but at this point, desperation was driving me to try just about anything if it would help! I was given over 10 prescriptions that might help my symptoms. Nothing helped! Even though it was almost 2 hours drive, I ended up going to see this practitioner of Kinesiology. Because of the dizziness, my son had to drive me to the appointment.

It was at this first appointment I was introduced to the ionic foot bath. Along with the foot bath, he also performed the muscle testing. With that, he was able to diagnose an adrenal issue. He said I was I was very close to death and my organs were beginning to shut down. He said the ionic foot bath would help my body to fight by getting rid of toxins in my system and help the supplements I was taking to work. He said we would just start with the foot baths and work on getting me to be able to sleep again. Without getting proper sleep, I was not going to be around for long.

About an hour after the foot bath – for the first time in MONTHS – the dizziness began to subside and I was actually HUNGRY! I ended up staying with relatives so I could be close to this doctor. I was able to go every other day for a foot bath and work on the sleep issue. After about 2 weeks, I was sleeping again and as I began to get caught up on my sleep, the buzzing began to go away. Once I was able to sleep again, he began working on my adrenals with continuing foot baths and adrenals supplements. I went to this doctor for 4-5 months and was getting better and better with each visit. Progress was slow but it was still progress!

After a while, I was no longer able to afford staying away from home and the cost of the appointments were not cheap either! I had used up all of my savings and was unable to afford the continuing visits. I purchased an ionic foot bath machine for my home and let me tell you, it was one of the best investments I have ever made. I continued trying to get better on my own for a few months and eventually found a practitioner of Kinesiology close to me. I have been going to the local practitioner for almost a year now and am slowly-but-surely getting better. Through the muscle testing I have been diagnosed with adrenal issues, kidney issues and a wheat allergy.

I have to say, I am, by nature, a skeptical person. At the beginning of all of this, I had little hope testing my muscles would tell me anything about my body but seeing is believing and I am living proof that it works. I know there is a lot of mixed information on the Internet about this technique but I am a believer! I have fixed issues that I did not know were fixable. I have gotten up throughout the night all of my life to use the restroom. Since taking the supplements for the kidney issues, I no longer get up during the night! I am sleeping so much deeper and waking up feeling more rested. I have gradually began to feel better and better and have not had blurry vision or dizziness in over 4 months. I had extreme swelling in my legs and ankles and a lot of pain in my left knee. Since removing wheat from my diet, the swelling in my legs has decreased 95% and the knee pain is completely gone. I would highly recommend both the ionic foot baths and the Kinesiology (muscle testing) if you have problems with your body and not finding any answers.

I know this post is running long (not the typical GLG post) so if you are still reading, thank you for sticking with me. I thought it was important to provide as much detail as possible in hopes it would help and encourage someone who might be struggling with their health. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but it is NOT an oncoming train!

Do you have any experience with muscle testing? Please share and let us know.

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