Welcome back to Green Livin’ Girls! In today’s post, I want to share a little bit of my health journey in the hopes the information will help someone else.

I have been suffering with some unexplained medical issues for the last year or so. I have been to multiple medical specialists and spent thousands of dollars out of pocket only to be told that they have no idea what I am dealing with. I have had an MRI, a CT scan, several ultrasounds, blood tests, a full thyroid checkup, seen three different ENT doctors, had 12 weeks of PT, gone to two different eye doctors and seen my Primary Care Physician more times than I can count. Of course, since my mother passed away prematurely with Multiple Sclerosis, the first course of action was to rule out MS. After all the tests coming back negative, their best guess was that I have some variety of auto-immune disease but they have no idea which one. Basically the consensus was to go home, suffer some more and wait for more symptoms to present in hopes new symptoms would narrow it down to a specific condition. Exactly what I didn’t want to hear. I feel awful and the medical community has no answers for me.

So I began a journey to try and find some help with alternative holistic practitioners. I found a doctor who suggested ionic foot baths to help detox my system. I am not here to argue the different ideas of holistic medicine but to simply share my story. I began to do the detox foot baths. The idea behind this was if my system was detoxed, it would be easier for my immune system to fight back. I was very ill and had not had an appetite for weeks. I had lost almost thirty pounds and was having dizzy spells daily. I was having trouble with my eyesight blurring and my eyes not focusing. I lost my job in this whole process because I could not see to do the computer work my job required and I was unable to drive due to the dizzy spells.

The very first time I had a ionic foot bath, within an hour or so I was actually hungry for the first time in weeks! I felt a little bit better with each foot bath I had done. This particular practitioner was about an hours’ drive from my house so I began to look for a facility closer to home that offered the ionic foot baths. I live in the Tri-State area of IN, OH and KY and found an organic health spa that offers them.

I am a firm believer that whatever the process is, it works. I am still on a journey to figure out exactly what is wrong with me and to fix my health. I will share more on my journey in future posts. I am not saying that they have cured me because I am still suffering some issues but I feel 80% better than I did a year ago and every time I have a flare up, I go and get an ionic foot bath and it helps the symptoms significantly. I have incorporated some other changes in my daily routine due to these health issues and I will share more of those details in upcoming posts.

I have permission from the owner of the spa that offers the ionic foot-baths to post this information:

Inner Peace Holistic Center
811 Race Street, 3rd Floor
Cincinnati, OH  45202
513-784-0403 (phone)

As always we welcome you to join us on our journey to a healthier and greener lifestyle!

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