I recently found myself with an infection in my more-than-10-year-old ear-piercing. While this is a normal occurrence with new ear-piercings (even when you do everything you are supposed to to prevent it from happening), but here I was with a pretty bad situation on my hands. When this happened the first time, I sought the advice of my MD and was told to apply a triple antibiotic ointment 3x a day. This took care of the problem, however, it was not helping with this infection. This one was so bad, it was bleeding! Of course, when the MD’s advice did not work, I went looking for a different solution. This brought me to my Essential Oil (EO) Kit.

Question: What EO is good for infection?
Answer: Tea-Tree Oil.

Young Living Tea Tree Oil

I mixed equal parts of essential Tea-Tree Oil and a Carrier Oil and applied one drop of the combined oils 3x a day to the infected piercing. I think the pictures will speak for themselves! In just two days, the infection was cleared up!

I was thrilled and amazed at how quickly this worked.

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Infected Ear Piercing
Healed Ear Piercing
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