Storing & Freezing

A plentiful garden is a blessing! It would be a shame to see anything go to waste so I proceeded to slice, dice and shred in order to get these extra garden veggies ready to go into the freezer. By doing this, I can use them at a later date.

Cucumbers and Zucchini
Cucumbers and Zucchini
Tip: Put a label on the produce with the date it was harvested
Sliced Zucchini
Shredded Zucchini
Sliced Cucumbers

Others went into freezer bags for use later. These can be tossed into the blender with your smoothie, used in soups or for sweet breads. Using them for sweet bread is my favorite!

Bagged Veggies

Now, none of these veggie will go to waste — and speaking of waste, let us not forget about the scraps. Instead of tossing these into the trash, put them into your compost for garden fuel or use them to make some homemade veggie stock.

Veggie Scraps
Scraps from last years' garden

Share your favorite waste-not gardening tips with us and thank you for sharing!

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