My best friends during cold and flu season are my oil diffusers. I am a firm believer in not waiting until you are sick to fix the problem but to do your best to prevent the germs that cause the illness in the first place. There are a host of things you can do to help boost your immune system but this post is about what role Essential Oils (EOs) can play in helping prevent colds and flu and how they can help after you have already started to feel a cold or flu coming on. The right EOs in your daily routine of cleaning, what you put in your diffusers and what you put on your skin can really help prevent germs and help give your immune system a boost!

I love, love, love Young Living Thieves Oil. I not only love the smell but I also love the way Thieves Oil helps to kill germs. There have been studies that say diffusing thieves oil into a room will kill 99% of airborne bacteria. I use this in my diffuser on a daily basis around this time of year. I also use Young Livings Thieves Cleaner. It comes in a concentrate that you mix with water and use the mixture to clean with. It smells wonderful and has the added bonus of killing germs. I feel like the combination of cleaning with thieves cleaner and diffusing thieves oil in your oil diffusers gives you a head start on boosting your immune system and preparing for the upcoming cold and flu season.

I use a drop or two of theives oil mixed with a carrier oil and put it on the back and sides of my neck each morning and on the bottom of my feet each night to help kill germs that I come in contact with throughout the day.

Never fear! There are oils that can help once you start to feel bad. I am a big fan of eucalyptus oil. Once my guys start to get stuffed up or start to cough, I put a mixture of a carrier oil and eucalyptus oil on the bottom of their feet. This works amazing for my husband and son. This will completely stop the stuffiness and cough for my guys and they are able to sleep symptom-free. I also use eucalyptus oil in my diffuser beside the bed each night when they are feeling under the weather. You can also use eucalyptus oil on your chest for congestion. You can use eucalyptus oil on your body just like you would use Vick’s but without all the chemicals you are getting with Vick’s.

We have discussed in a previous post the power of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar against colds and the flu. I feel like with Bragg’s and the addition of the right essential oils in your arsenal against sickness, you are well prepared to face the upcoming cold and flu season. If you have any great tips for natural ways to prevent or eradicate colds please share below.

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