It’s that time of year again! TAX TIME! Yay! I mean uggh! The dreaded April 15th. Some of us dread this moment while others look forward to their tax refund check all year! If you are one of the few that receive a nice healthy refund check, then this is a good day for you. I know that for us – with all of the tax changes going into effect – it considerably changed our tax picture compared to previous years. While we do not ever “rake in the money” on our tax return, we usually get a couple of grand back. NOT SO this year! So, while I never like to fork over unnecessary money, this year I was concerned more than usual about the cost of filing my tax returns. ENTER:  Free Tax USA.

We have always filed our own taxes and for many years, we completed a paper return and mailed it into the IRS. Yes, we know it’s hard to believe that we actually used pen and paper! When we first started filing our own taxes online, we used TurboTax.  After using this software for several years, we were introduced to TaxAct, which was just as easy to use and much cheaper than TurboTax. We used this until this past year and once again, someone told us about a better option; a program called FreeTaxUSA. We were skeptical. One tax program is just as good as another, right? Apparently not! We were very impressed with the ease of inputting the content into this program. FreeTaxUSA was simple to use, had easy to understand instructions and was cheaper for us to file this years’ taxes than either TurboTax or TaxAct.

FreeTaxUSA is just one of many options you have when filing your tax return. We are not affiliated in any way with any of these companies; we are just trying to give people better options than they are currently using. Someone passed this on to us and we would like to return the favor and pass it on to someone else. We are always looking to find better and sometimes cheaper options to get things done.

Do you file your own taxes? If so, what software do you use? Please leave your software choice in the comments below.

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