It might seem a bit late for this – and it is – but because the rain does not want to stop, the yard work is way behind schedule. Normally, this work is done in early Spring but because of the late date, we will call this an “an early summer porch pot”.

If you check out our previous post, you will see I like to reuse plants whenever possible. This year, a lot of my plants did not come back after the harsh winter so I have to start fresh.

Flower Pots

Planting a decorative flower pot is pretty simple. You need a minimum of three plants; 1) Something tall (a thriller); 2) Something that trails or hangs down over the pot (a trailer); and 3) Something that will fill in the spot between the other two plants (a filler). In this pot, I have a total of five plants; one tall thriller, two that hang down (trailer) and two fillers.

Flower Pots

 I started by cleaning up the existing pot and then arranging the flowers in the manner in which I want to plant. The key is to get a good visual.

Flower Pots

Once I determined the placement of each plant, I planted them. Once you are done planting, do not forget to feed and water them.

As always, I hope these images are appealing and inspire you to put together your own fabulous decorative flower pot. Do you have a decorative flower pot of your own? Share it with us in the comments.

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