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Quality sleep is essential to survival. Your body does not have the ability to heal and rejuvenate without quality sleep. Recent studies suggest that sleep also plays a role in removing toxins from your brain that build up while you are awake. Quality sleep positively effects every system in the body. At the same time chronic lack of sleep, increases the risk of disease in the body.

The body is an amazing machine. As the sun sets, the body is able to sense the change in light and begins to produce Melatonin, to prepare your body for a good nights rest. By around midnight your body has produced the maximum amount of Melatoninand your levels start to drop off.  Exposing the body to bright light can prevent the production of Melatonin. Melatonin has been proven a powerful antioxidant. In order to benefit from Melatoninyou simply need to sleep when the body starts sending out signals that it is ready to rest. 

Typically, studies show that around 10 pm is the best time for the body to go to sleep. Your deepest and most restorative sleep is between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” I guess there are reasons for these old sayings we always hear. If you are still awake after 10 pm it reduces the bodies ability to rest and rejuvenate. Most of us are also on computers, watching TV, or looking at our phones. All of these activities produce bright lights that interrupt the production of Melatonin. Somewhere around 10 pm your body goes into a “tranformational” phase of sleep that is responsible for the healing and repair of your body. If you are awake after 10 pm the energy that your body would have used to repair and restore, is now being used up to give you that “second wind” to help you stay awake past your bodies natural sleep time. Long term sleep cycles that begin well after 10 pm can be damaging to the body because we are interfering with the bodies ability to rest and rejuvenate. 

This being said…I have long been what I affectionately call a “night owl”, having no knowledge that this was not a good thing. I hate mornings and love nights. I never understood that the body has a schedule and if we get off this schedule on a consistent basis we can negatively impact our health. I am not sure what all the factors that contributed to my health issues were but I am sure that this one was definitely high up on the list.   

As I began to have health issues,  my sleep was greatly effected. I began to see a holistic health provider after going to many different specialists looking for answers. One of the first things he asked me was about my sleep. He explained that without quality sleep, my body was going to have a hard time healing any of the other health issues that I was having. Your body is a self healing machine and it is programmed to heal at a certain time in the sleep cycle and if this is interrupted the machine begins to break down in other areas as well. AMAZING stuff! I somehow feel I should have known this. Maybe I was sleeping in that science class where we discussed sleep cycles???

The doctor recommended  “Cortisol Balancer” to me to help me regain my natural sleep cycles. I had very good success with this product helping me to go to sleep and to stay asleep and to wake up feeling rested. It was again recommended that I use this product when I started the Keto diet. It is a sleep aid that can be taken every night with no side effects. It is used as a stress hormone stabilizer, it provides stress reduction  and helps to bring restorative sleep. In the beginning I tried taking just one about an hour before I went to bed. It helped me to go to sleep but I would wake up after a few hours and not be able to go back to sleep. The doctor then told me to take another one on the nights that I woke back up. As time went by I was able to only take one before I went to bed and get a full nights sleep. I have seen huge improvements in my health with the onset of a consistent sleep cycle. The cortisol balancer can be bought online. I am not in any way affiliated with this company, I just have had great success with their product. The cortisol balancer is a standardized proprietary blend that supports all-day stress reduction and the natural ability to fall asleep. It is a safe, natural, non-habit forming formulas that produces no morning grogginess.

Hopefully this helps some of you who are struggling with your sleep. If you have any sleep remedies that you have had great success with, please share with us.

Happy Zzz’s!

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