Are you missing taco shells? If you are like me and doing the Keto diet or maybe you are just trying to lower your overall carb intake, you are probably missing the crunch that comes from eating a taco shell. I have a solution to this problem! I have run across a product that will allow you to reintroduce the taco shell CRUNCH without adding back all of those pesky carbs.

The solution: Folios All Natural Variety Cheese Wraps

Cheese Folio Wraps

Instructions (from the back of the package)

  • Take one Folio Cheese Wrap and place it on a piece of Parchment Paper

Cheese Folio Wraps
  • Put it in the microwave, full power for 1 minute (the power of your microwave may vary; adjust accordingly)
  • If it is not crispy, put it back in for another 30 seconds; repeat as necessary until it is crisp
  • In my microwave, it took 1 min but in my mother-in-law’s microwave, it took 2.5 minutes
Cheese Folio Wrap
  • Let cool for about 30 seconds
  • Fold the crispy cheese over and continue to let it cool
Folio Cheese Wraps
  • Fill the shell with your favorite taco ingredients and enjoy!
Folio Cheese Wraps

You can also break up the crispy cheese shell and use them like tortilla chips!

Folio Cheese Wraps

See? You can enjoy tacos again!

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