Butcher Box is an online company that delivers 100% grass-fed, frozen, organic beef, free range chicken and heritage breed pork to your home. They come in vacuum-sealed packages on a monthly subscription basis and you are able to order an all beef, an all chicken or an all pork box, You also have the option to mix and match your box. This is a very easy and convenient way to get 100% grass-fed meats delivered directly to your home. In many places in the United States, 100% grass-fed meat is very difficult to come by and you often have to drive a long distance to get it. This is an excellent choice for people in those situations.

Butcher Box

I tried the “mixed” Butcher Box and in it, I ordered beef roasts, beef patties, ground beef, ground sausage, bacon and chicken breasts. I absolutely love the roasts! They cook up wonderfully and have a great flavor. I could not be more pleased. The bacon is also very good but is a bit more “smoky” than I like. I am also very pleased with the ground beef and the hamburger patties. These also cook up very nicely and have good flavor but again, they have a smoked flavor. The chicken is wonderful. It cooks up very juicy and has a wonderful taste. Personally, I do not like my meat with a lot of smoke flavor but if you love smoked meat, this is the company for you!

Butcher Box Inside
Butcher Box Strip Loin Steak
Butcher Box Pork Ribs
Butcher Box Whats Inside

I would order from Butcher Box again but I do not want to have a monthly subscription. I would probably only order the chicken and the roasts. It is definitely worth giving this company a try. I love the fact that you can get healthy meat choices that are not just beef.

Thanks, Butcher Box, for a great concept!

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