For my son’s “surprise” 21st birthday party, we wanted to do a balloon garland as part of the decorations. This is a breakdown of what balloons we used, what we bought to decorate and a few pictures of the final result! We had a blast putting this all together.¬†Whatever you are doing, never forget to make it fun!

Ryan 21 Birthday Balloons
Ryan 21 Birthday Balloons
Ryan 21 Birthday Decorations

I picked up the plates, napkins, tablecloths and forks from the Dollar Tree. I picked up the majority of my balloons from a local party supply store and the rest of them I ordered online. I used balloon string to tie them together. I highly recommend using some specialty balloons such as the polka dots or the striped as it adds a flair to the garland that is hard to get without them.

If you look online about how to make balloon garland, you will find that fishing line is the recommended “string” to hold it all together. As we started to assemble this one, we found the fishing line very difficult to work work as it kept getting tangled. We switched to using balloon ribbon and that worked much better, however, it is much more difficult to hide. We picked up the large “21” balloons online and bought the round fans at Hobby Lobby. We used a plastic tablecloth for the backdrop and as the cover for table.

I ordered an electric balloon pump on Amazon. This little guy was under twenty dollars and worth every dime. It saved us a ton of time! With three of us working, it took about an hour to put it all together. Keep in mind, none of us had put one together before so we had to figure out a few things along the way. For example, instead of adding one balloon at a time to the garland, we found that if we tied 2 or 3 balloons together first and then added them to the garland, things went a lot quicker.

When you have the garland at the length that you want it, just tie off the end and then attach it to your backdrop. We used fishing line and balloon ribbon to attach ours and it worked well. We did need to do some minor adjustments to get the look we wanted but it was not difficult.

Balloon Garland

Putting this balloon garland together for my son’s 21st birthday party was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun. Have fun with this and share your version of the balloon garland! This is a relatively inexpensive way to add a lot of flair to your next party decor. Enjoy!

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