Once again, we are visiting one of our favorite go-to remedies for health issues; Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)! I know we have visited this wonderful home remedy in several posts but I have recently revisited this old favorite for a variety of health issues.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was recently informed my total cholesterol levels were high. In the process of researching natural ways to lower cholesterol, I found a lot of research that recommends ACV. One study showed a significant reduction in LDL and Triglycerides after the subjects consumed ACV for eight consecutive weeks.

I have also had some reoccurring bouts with acid reflux. I found a lot of research that said if you take ACV about 10 mins before you eat, it will increase the acidity level in your gut. A higher acidity level in your gut will help digest your food. The ACV also acts as a suction that keeps the valve [at the top of your stomach] closed. This prevents your stomach acid from returning back up the esophagus. Unfortunately, I eat way too many meals away from home and carrying a bottle of ACV with me is impractical at the very least.

I recently purchased the pill form of ACV and while it may not be as potent as the liquid, it is much easier to transport. I have not had a bout of acid reflux since I started taking it in the pill form. I take two capsules about 10-15 mins before my last meal of the day and I have not had any issues so far.

There are so many health benefits of ACV that I could write several more posts on this topic but I want to share two other common health issues ACV is reported to help. The first is high blood pressure and the second is Type-2 Diabetes. It is reported that 1 in 3 Americans have high blood pressure and 1 in 10 Americans have Type-2 Diabetes. When taken with meals, ACV has been shown to lower post-meal and fasting glucose levels. ACV is also reported to lower blood pressure levels. If you can possibly help high cholesterol, high blood pressure and Type-2 Diabetes with a natural health remedy, I think we are on the right track. If you just cannot stand the taste of drinking ACV by itself,  try introducing ACV in the pill form or by drizzling ACV over your meat or veggies. You can also mix ACV with some oil for a salad dressing or try putting it in your smoothies. Add to water and mix in some honey to sweeten. I think it is worth the effort to add this to your daily routine.

Just to clarify once again, we are not doctors. I am simply sharing the information we have found in our research or things we have tried for ourselves. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements. If you are unsure (or perhaps skeptical), follow up our research with your own before you try it for yourself. If you know of an easy way to add ACV to your daily diet or if you know of more health benefits of ACV, please share it with us in the comments.

Once again, thanks for joining us on our journey to a greener and healthier lifestyle.

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